Wednesday, June 2, 2010

more about me

1. I do everything in my power to destroy openmindedness that may result from experiencing new things.

2. I don't like most people, even if they have great charisma, are interesting, and have so many brilliant qualities that I could benefit from.

3. I play guitar, but hate music.

4. I consider tunnel vision to be a virtue.

5. I mock those who better themselves.

6. When times are tough, and people are suffering, I do what most evil christians do...judge them for their sinfulness.

7. I turn a blind eye to my own shortcomings and dwell on the imperfections of others.

8. I don't clock out for lunch when I'm at work.

9. I believe in elitism...only because it alienates people and makes them feel insignificant.

10. ....and finally, I find it amusing that some of you assholes actually think I'm serious....

1 comment:

  1. But, my sweet greggy, if you are not serious then what am I to do with this throbbing erection?